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Damper Creek Conservation Reserve

Damper Creek Conservation Reserve is being constantly upgraded under the supervision of the City of Monash. The Friends of Damper Creek Conservation Reserve work closely with the City of Monash and Melbourne Water to maintain remnant and revegetation areas.

The Friends are instrumental in organising community and monthly working bees each year, and in obtaining annual grants from Melbourne Water for infill tube stock plantings along the waterway/riparian strip.

Here are some examples of the more visible projects:

Stabilisation of riparian strip and creek bed
Commencing in 1993, this project formed the basis of all further development of Damper Creek Reserve. The soft, rapidly eroding mudstone was protected with erosion resistant basalt boulders, providing pools, cascades and ecological niches.

Significant work of recent years has been:

Park Road Nature strips and grassland 2018
This idea celebrated the Jubilee year of the saving of the reserve from residential development, and showcases indigenous flora to extend its ecological footprint.

Council Bush Crew depot ponds 2020
A complex of ponds to control water runoff from the newly refurbished Council depot provides a haven for aquatic vegetation and wildlife.

Large tree and wildflower meadow projects – 2022 and ongoing
These special projects overlay a massive ongoing effort to create an in-depth environment for wildlife with all layers of vegetation planted out, ranging from tiny groundcovers to dense shrubbery and mighty trees.

Over the past five to six decades, and working alongside the Monash Council Bushcrew, more than 100,000 groundcovers, grasses shrubs and trees, have been planted by the Friends with the local community.

Over the same period untold numbers of invasive weeds, trees and shrubs have been removed to create the unique bushland environment and peaceful haven you see today.