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Celebrating 40 years

In 2008 the annual End of Year Barbeque incorporated the 40 years celebration (26/9/1968 – 26/9/2008) of the saving of the Damper Creek and surrounding bushland. The event was well attended by many residents, current and past members including many original committee members of the Damper Creek Conservation and Development Group. A plaque was unveiled on “Mushroom Rock” near the Alice Street (Palma’s Plummet) bridge to mark the occasion.

In 2009/2010, and later years, further creek rock work by Melbourne Water was undertaken in Damper Creek East (including desilting) to attempt to slow the water flow during torrential rain events to prevent scouring of the creek bed and subsequent erosion. This work has met with limited success.

Over recent years, desilting of the main ponds (located in the main arm of Damper Creek itself) has been carried by the Monash Council and the build up of silt in these locations is reviewed for further action from time to time. Silt build-up caused by erosion is a continual problem in both arms of the creek