Projects undertaken by The Friends of Damper Creek                   Updated 17.3.19
The Friends of Damper Creek Reserve have relied on the in-house expertise of the Monash bush crew who (fortunately) were awarded the tender under CCT to guide the plant selection and ordering. All plants are indigenous to the area and from local provenance.

Since the Council nursery was sold, plants have been sourced from the City of Whitehorse whose nursery propagates local seed. The Friends have concentrated efforts on the bulk planting of tube stock to encourage the development of upper and middle storey growth and ground covers for soil stabilisation.

When the bulk planting is completed the Friends will then have to consider propagation of more specialised plants for the understorey.

Approximately 50,000 plants have been planted by the Friends over the past eight years with a 95% survival rate. This planting and associated works has been funded by Parks Victoria Community Grants (approximately $30,000), Melbourne Water (approx. $20,000) and the National Heritage Trust (NHT - $20,000). Monash Council contributed matching kind-in assistance through site preparation, mulching, maintenance, equipment and labour.

The creek bed stabilisation and rock work has been jointly funded by Monash Council and Melbourne Water. This work has cost approximately $1 million. The Friends have successfuly gained a further Melbourne Water grant of $3,500 to purchase indigenous tube stock under the guidance of the Monash Bushcrew.

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Current Projects
The Friends of Damper Creek Reserve Inc. and the Monash City Council Sustainability team aim to set up a “Biodiversity, Birds in Backyards, Gardens for Wildlife” program and are working towards establishing this in 2015. The program will possibly take the form of information sessions and/or workshops, (including a free Friends’ propagation workshop in April 2015), together with the distribution of a Monash City Council biodiversity booklet which is currently being prepared. Interested residents who live adjacent to or near Damper Creek Reserve are invited to register their interest on the attached form for inclusion in mail outs when current events, as described above, arise during the coming year.  The form also includes a recipe for a wildlife garden.

Weeding Program
Outside of the formal working bees a number of the Friends undertake weeding projects in selected areas in their own time.  This has the benefit of a thorough weeding that is regularly monitored by the friend so that once cleared it is likely to remain clear for some time. Monash Council is appreciative of this work and to assist them in their scheduling, the Friends undertaking this private work maintain a record of their work. This record is given to the FODC Secretary for regular onforwarding to Monash Council. A copy may be downloaded here: Weeding Record. Also available is a Weeding Notice that should be displayed while undertaking private weeding in the reserve.

Monitoring Environmental Change
The Friends have a Water Watch monitoring program in Damper Creek. The monitoring will include the distribution of a newsletter to households in the Damper Creek Catchment identifying ways to improve water quality in the creek (funded by a Melbourne Water Grant).

WaterWatch results:
12 months to Mar 2019
12 months to Feb 2019
12 months to Jan 2019  No measurements made in Jan 2019
12 months to Dec 2018
12 months to Nov 2018
12 months to Oct  2018
12 months to Sep 2018
12 months to Aug 2018
12 months to Jul 2018
12 months to Jun 2018
12 months to May 2018 
12 months to Apr 2018  Limited measurements made in Apr 2018
12 months to Mar 2018  No measurements made in Mar 2018
12 months to Feb 2018  No measurements made in Jan 2018
12 months to Dec 2017
12 months to Nov 2017
12 months to Oct 2017
12 months to Sep 2017
12 months to Aug 2017
12 months to Jul 2017
12 months to Jun 2017
12 months to May 2017 No measurements made in May 2017
12 months to Apr 2017
12 months to Mar 2017
12 months to Feb 2017  No measurements made in Jan 2017
12 months to Dec 2016
12 months to Nov 2016
12 months to Oct 2016
12 months to Sep 2016
12 months to Aug 2016
12 months to Jul 2016
12 months to Jun 2016
12 months to May 2016
12 months to Apr 2016
12 months to Mar 2016
12 months to Feb 2016   No measurements made in Jan 2016
12 months to Dec 2015
12 months to Nov 2015
12 months to Oct 2015   No measurements made in Sep 2015
12 months to Aug 2015
12 months to Jul 2015
12 months to Jun 2015
12 months to May 2015
12 months to Apr 2015   No measurements made Feb & Mar 2015 due to no water flow
12 months to Jan 2015    No measurements made  Feb 2014 due to no water flow
2012 zip   No measurements made Dec 2011 nor Jan 2012 due to OHS issues 2011 zip
2010 zip
2009 zip

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