Location of Damper Creek Reserve
Damper Creek Reserve, Mt Waverley (Melway 61 D11)
Available Parking:
  • Park Road
  • Stephensons Road
  • Alvie Road
  • Natural bush setting and walking track Some images of Damper Creek Reserve
  • Playground (at Park Rd)
  • Wheelchair access available from the Stephensons Rd Carpark (pathway 70m north). (The south entrance in Park Rd, although steeper, may be suitable for experienced users.)
  • Dog off-leash area.
  • Covers an area of 11 hectares.
  • The Friends of Damper Creek Reserve have been restoring the creek environment since 1993.
Park-Friendly Behaviour While you are visiting the park, we ask you to follow a few basic rules:
  • In an off-leash park such as Damper Creek Reserve, your dog must be under voice or whistle control and in sight at all times. Dogs must be on-lead within 200m of the playground. Please carry a lead for use if necessary and a plastic bag to collect doggie doings to be taken home with you.
  • Cats must not be brought into Damper Creek Reserve.
  • Keep to designated tracks to prevent damage to plants, erosion and encouragement of weed growth.
  • Please do not feed ducks or other birdlife. Bread and other scraps attract rats and can cause nutrient build-up and algae growth.
  • Please take your litter home with you.